We come across a lot of people in our life.  Some of them are always smiling, happy, even in the most adverse situations whereas some people are always pessimistic and negative about everything.  Such people cannot find happiness in anything.  They are the kind of people who can find fault even in a happy setup!

Being around such people is not easy.  One tends to get irritated and bugged after a certain point.  But then at times avoiding such people is not possible.

So, how do we deal with negative people around us and also the negativity in life at times?

  1.  Accept the fact that not everyone is alike.  Just like we have optimists, we have pessimists too!  For them, the world is hell, everyone around them is bad, everybody is against them.  In such scenario, try to cheer up that person.  Of course, its not going to be easy to perk up a negative person, but as a friend/family member/colleague you can at least try.
  2. Distract or divert from the negative topic.  When someone goes on and on about how everything is negative and bad, try to change the topic.  Try talking about something good, something other than the negative talks.
  3. Sometimes the pessimists are unstoppable and whatever you might try to do, then simply won’t change or stop condemning everyone.  In such case, simply leave the place for a while.  There is no point in arguing or drilling sense into their head.  Generally, negative people are very stubborn and opinionated, hence leaving that place for some time can help.
  4. There are studies which suggest that negative people might be dealing with underlying depression at times.  The manifestation of the depression is different here.  Such people believe that nobody loves them, they are unwanted, the world is a terrible place to live in, etc.  Try talking to such people and seek help from a professional counselor if possible.  You might give it a try!

Now lets talk about dealing with negativity. 

  1. There are times in our life when we feel that our life is worthless, nothing is working the way we want it to, everything is depressing.  In such cases, its very important to take it as a phase of life.  Just as we have good times in life, we have trying and testing times too.  Try to engage yourself with activities that make you happy.  Talk to people who can make you happy or cheer you up.  If necessary, consult a professional counselor.  Try to think about long-term happiness.  Seek help from family and friends if need be.
  2. Don’t let yourself get bogged down by negative people.  Try to rub your positivity onto them.  Smile at them, ask them why they feel no one loves them.  Try to pep them up.  Tell such people that even you have your bad days but then positive and negative are two sides of a coin.  During your low phase, stay away from negative people.
  3. Don’t get into argument or lose temper with negative people.  Offer them support but don’t get affected by their negative approach towards life.  It’s difficult to change attitude of such people, so be there to help but maintain a distance.

A negative mind will never give you a positive life.