Frequently Asked Questions

How do I submit my site?
Submitting your site is very easy, simply browse to the category that is most relevant to your site and fill in the short form and submit your information. To complete the submission you must select the listing type and submit your payment through the convenient mode of payment.

What is the cost to list my site on your website?
We have 2 types of Directory Listings:
Regular Directory Listing – This is free of cost for the first one year.
Premium Directory Listing – Our introductory fee is only $9 per URL for a one year directory listing. The price will gradually increase over the next 12 months as the directory grows so you are encouraged to take advantage of this introductory offer now. We will send an annual invoice every year allowing you to renew your listing.

What are the features of the Regular Directory Listing?
The Regular Directory Listing includes:
Company name – Your company name will be listed in alphabetical order within the directory.
Company Description – A description of your company or event. This will be plain text. Max word limit – 100.
Website and Social Media Links – Links directly to your website and social media services you use such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube.

What does a Premium Directory Listing give me?
Premium Directory Listings enjoy the following benefits for a period of 12 months:
Company name – 200 word limit, more space to describe your company. This is plain text.
Company Logo – Your company logo will be shown next to your profile. The logo will provide a link to your main website address.
Products / Services Links – The products and services links make it easier for customers of the directory to see your offerings. You can include upto four titles and links for these. Link URLs should be 2 – 3 words and less than 25 characters each.
Priority Processing – Premium Directory Listing submissions will be prioritized with the aim to get them ready for your approval within 3 business days.
Unlimited edits – You can make unlimited edits to your Premium Directory Listing.

How / when will I be charged for Premium Directory Listing?
We will send you a draft copy of the Directory listing for your approval with the invoice for submission cost. Invoices must be paid by selecting one of the convenient payment options on our website. Full payment must be received before the Directory Listing is published. Once you have approved the draft and completed payment the listing will go live.

Can I modify a submitted Directory Listing?
Premium Directory Listings include unlimited edits during the 12 month period.
We can make minor corrections to Regular Listings at no cost. You can send the correction to be made via the Online Dubai Directory contact form.
For major changes to Regular Listings, such as new profile text and changes to links, it will require the listing to be checked and approved again. This requires a full re-submission and should be carried out via the online submission form. The cost will be determined post reviewing the form and shared with you for your approval.

Can I upgrade my Directory Listing?
Yes, if you currently have a Regular Directory Listing, simply resubmit your details and content, selecting the Premium Directory Listing option.

Can I have a Directory Listing removed?
If you wish to remove your company entirely from the directory use the online contact form. This request must come from a senior member of the decision making team. We will make reasonable effort to remove the directory listing within 2 weeks. No part refunds will be made if you request the take down of a directory listing within the 12 month period.