Valentine’s Day is just around the corner.  It’s a day when you make your loved one feel special.  It’s not necessary that one has to buy expensive gifts to express love.  Handmade gifts can be more valuable and treasure worthy.

Here are some do-it-yourself gift ideas for Valentine’s Day.

  1. Handmade card.   You can profess your feelings and love in your own sweet words in the card. Design it as per your imagination. It can be heart-shaped, red or pink in color, adorned with adorable glitters. You can make a nice pop-up card too.
  2. Flowerpot. Hand paint the flower pot, draw a heart, and gift it! It is lovely and eco-friendly too.  You can make designs as per your choice.  If you are really good at painting, make a painting of both of you or write a lovely message with a beautiful drawing.
  3. Strawberry sugar scrub. This DIY scrub is exotic to smell and tastes wonderful too. You just need coconut oil, strawberry extract and exfoliating sugar granules. Let the senses get rejuvenated!
  4. Chocolate gift box. Make a nice heart-shaped box and fill it with chocolates.
  5. Handpainted T-shirts. This is easy and economical. Paint or write on the T-shirt and gift it as a token of love.  Paint a nice message on the T-shirt or write his and your name.
  6. Candle with initials carved on it. Take a big scented candle and write the initials of both of your names on it. Romantic!
  7. If you are good at baking, then bake nice chocolate or any other flavored cookies and cake. Heart shaped cookies and cake will be apt for this occasion. Decorate it as per Valentine’s Day theme.  Show your creativity in baking here.  Make some lovely red velvet cake or cookies to add to the mood of love.
  8. Personalized photo frame. Make a nice romantic photo frame with a cozy photo of both of you in it.
  9. If you are adventurous, decorate your bedroom with a lot of balloons, streamers, and your photos! Decorate the bed with rose petals. Wow!
  10. Love notes. Nothing like the good old love notes. Write short love notes and keep it everywhere in the home, office bags, lunch box, etc. Build up the mood.